Pricing FAQ

What is a Sliding scale?

There Is A $50 – $15 Per Session Sliding Scale. This Means I’d Love To Receive $50 Per Session For My Sustainability, But I Understand That This Is Not Affordable For Everyone, Hence The Sliding Scale Starting At $15 Per Session. I Welcome Any Amount Within This Range. Payment Methods Listed Below. (Also, During This Time Of Lay-Offs And Financial Uncertainty, I Invite You To Treat The Sliding Scale As $5 – $14 If You Cannot Current Afford $15)

Below are examples of what you could choose to pay.

Scale A (for everybody)

The first session is always free for everybody

Session 1$0
Session 2$15- $50

Scale B, Pandemic scale

I know that during this time many people are out of work while they are still struggling with their health

Session 1$0
Session 2$5-$15

Self-value, inspiration, insight, and coaching were invaluable overall.

— Jane Doe

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