5 Reasons to sponsor an employees health transformation

I always feel lucky to meet any entrepreneur. I felt this way even before I decided to try my hand at business. Entrepreneurs have a vision that they think has value but they have no idea if they will find customers to fund what is essentially their passion project. Its understandable, I think, when owners of companies have to put employees on a back burner. Of course many employers take pride in all the things they offer. And some employers offer all they can.

I think as an employer you try your hardest to stay as objective as possible. After all there are laws that dictate the things and the kinds of interactions you are supposed to have with an employee. There are laws about the hours they work and all the other human resource things. But as time goes by. And especially after a big project, when everybody pulled their weight. Their begins to develop bonds between everyone in a company. In short you begin to really care about each other.

So what happens when a family member gets sick? I’m sorry I meant employee. (wink) This is something that I personally experienced, when a coworker who I had worked with suddenly became sick and soon after passed away.

The knee jerk reaction is to talk about health and death with the people that you care about. The jerk part of is when you begin to try to give everyone around you health advice. I say this from experience. It might feel good to give someone some information which they might not know. The person may even thank you for the nice thought. The part that hurts is the fact that most of the time advice giving is not sufficient for someone to make a healthy behavioral change.

As a health coach I am uniquely trained to help people make health changes. I do this by helping people envision a better life for themselves and help them to make it real. We do this by looking at what has helped them in the past. When its appropriate and only after asking permission, do I ever educate a person about healthy diets or other behaviors. I do this in part because it might not be appropriate for the persons stage of change.

Being kind and talking to people you care about are great things to practice in good times and in bad. However if you really want to do everything you can for your employees, try seeking the services of a health coach. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. To reduce sick time. It goes without saying that when someone is being helped to create a healthy lifestyle for them selves that they will most likely have much fewer sick days. The return on investment could be easily seen with this alone.
  2. To increase focus and productivity. Many people suffer from low energy. Great evidence for this in the proliferation of a market for caffeinated drinks. As a result for many the first request when seeking coaching is, can you help me increase my feeling of having the energy to the things that I love to do. Clients often have ideas on how to increase energy and I help facilitate the change they often wanted to do in the past but could not.
  3. To increase happiness in the employees home and work life. If a health problem is getting in the way of being a fully productive part of the team, jobs understandably get to be the opposite of fun. Part of happiness is being in the moment. Often when clients need help changing a health behavior we end up needing to increasing their mindfulness which is the ability to be calm and appreciative of your thoughts and feelings while minimizing obstructive thoughts. In this way you increase the happiness of your employees on a moment by moment basis.
  4. To reduce health insurance costs. I am reluctantly adding this here only because I’m unfamiliar with health insurance policies. If health insurance is affected by the health of the population seeking it then it stands to reason that the healthier population costs should be reduced. Speak to a insurance professional.
  5. To increase enjoyment of life. You may feel that as an employer you have little to do with the personal lives of your employees. But imagine that you were instrumental in increasing joy in the world is something that would feel really good. If a person is able to live a healthier and fuller life then the joy the person felt would be at least equal to or more than the joy they feel why working in your company.

I truly respect and am humbled if someone is reading this and actually considering the life of someone who works for them. You are thinking about something you aren’t required to think about. You cant help to be a dreamer of the possibility for a better world. A trait that also makes you a great business person. You want something better for the people that you care about. You often try to spread health in any way that you can. Hiring a health coach could be a part of your solution. Please call me to discuss your unique needs.

Ice cream has its health benefits including…

If your reading this post and simultaneously expecting to get outraged it is probably because you cant understand how a health coach could possibly be saying ice cream and health in a sentence together. Your probably waiting to laugh at a health coach who must not be very good at getting you results and maybe your just waiting to tell me, Duh!

Before you laugh or get outraged I ask you to remember that a health coach’s job is to listen first and ask tough questions. The decision and opportunity to eat ice cream in today’s society is a very simple one. The struggle to abstain from yummy foods is enormous and that is why during a health coaching session I don’t shy away from the dreadful, “ice cream talk.”

The struggle to abstain from yummy foods is enormous and that is why during a health coaching session I don’t shy away from the dreadful, “ice cream talk.”

The next move is very simple in the playbook of most health coaches. Many health coached believe its our job to immediately follow the “ice cream” talk with all the science about why they shouldn’t. I dont disagree with the notion that health education is important. I disagree with the notion that anybody truly needs to be told that ice cream everyday is bad for you. This is condescending.

My approach is more interesting and hopefully doesn’t come across as scolding. Here are some tough questions I could ask you:

  • What do you know about how ice cream affects you specifically (not in a study)?
  • Where are you and what is around you when you do consume ice cream?
  • When did you resist your urge?
  • What positive affects do you enjoy from this act?
  • Who is with you when you consume?

I do believe that the big, “ice cream talk” is a very real but I also think many of you might be thinking it is a trivial subject. Ice cream for some reason isn’t a huge issue for most people. In my opinion that is not a totally settled issue.

Lets step it up then and replace the word “ice cream” in the title of this post with:

  • cannabis
  • Alcohol
  • tobacco
  • candy
  • coffee
  • steroids

If a client of mine came to me and said that their health benefited from consuming any of the above, I still don’t jump on them. I’m a very open person but I also care a lot. I am not going to sit here and tell you I’m comfortable with all the choices my clients make. In fact I have to consciously resist the urge to automatically correct my clients choices until I fully understand where they are coming from.

My job is to help people and I chose this profession because I really like people. I want my clients to be healthy but I also want them to feel like themselves. I know science but my clients are not research papers. My clients are flesh and blood and as imperfect as me.

I know science but my clients are not research papers. My clients are flesh and blood and as imperfect as me.

Eating healthy and doing health things in today’s environment can be very hard. And I don’t trivialize the struggle we all have from eating delicious ice cream everyday. My goal is to be able to educate when and if my client is open to it. But before I educate I want my client to know that I want to understand them for who they are.

Another objective is for their health journey to be as pleasant as possible. Abstaining from ice cream isn’t hard for a lot of people but for some people it is. If I told my client they are forbidden from eating ice cream for the rest of their lives, first of all this wouldn’t work. Second of all if a health coach told me this I would probably say in my mind, “who the heck are you to tell me what to do,… for my whole life? shoot!” Life completely devoid of ice cream for me is absolute torture. If ice cream helps you do the other 99 things on your healthy list, by all means, have at it, and then if it ever becomes a problem we can address it.

Life completely devoid of ice cream for me is absolute torture.

The internet has made my health worse and its a real bummer.

I can remember the day that I loved learning new things. When you learn something new it can seem very abstract. If you are learning about diseases, as I did in my education, you often try to imagine how intense the experience must be. However there is nothing like real first person and real life experience.

Today we have the wonderful gift called a search engine. Perhaps you searched one of those engines to reach this blog post. The wonderful part of this is that we can get answers to health questions from may sources. This arms you before you actually consult a professional for a concrete diagnosis.

There is one drawback to having information at your fingertips which I have found and yet I don’t see many people really write about it. Having life saving information isn’t always in itself life saving.

Having life saving information isn’t always in itself lifesaving.

As a coach I find that my clients feel overwhelmed because they know they just need to make a lifestyle change to feel better and they keep failing. I help my clients by understanding the real feelings that they are feeling by having failed. After this they need to make an investigation as to why they failed. Was it the wrong remedy for them? Was it an error in implementation?

Even though the internet itself didn’t ruin your health, here are reasons to keep on searching.

Top 5 reasons you reverted to a internet search for your health.

1.You have exhausted your resources.

In the United states health insurance is often tied to a job. We can get supplemental income however healthcare is not included in this for most people. With few options to pay out of pocket a major resource for people with health issues disappears upon losing your job. In my practice I welcome people who are out of work. I offer rates that go as low as $15 per session. Please see my pricing faq page for my current pricing guidlines. https://perezhealth.coach/pricing-faq/

2. To do research on a crazy idea you heard.

Sometimes we hear promising news from trusted person about a health tip and they may even have evidence that what they are telling you works. However it is really hard to also learn from interactions like these about how to implement this into our own lives because of course we are all individuals. I don’t discriminate when people come to me with their own diets and exercise routines. This might sound counter intuitive because people assume I must know the optimal diet. While we in science can learn general rules of nutrition, the limits of those studies land right where your unique life, history and experience begin.

3. Its a subject your too embarrassed to talk about with your normal source.

When we have a health issue that we are embarrassed to speak about it could lead to the issue getting worse before we get enough courage to tell our practitioners about it. If you have a relationship with a health coach you literally begin a journal where you know that this person has your back no matter what happens. I can meet with someone virtually as well which can make someone more comfortable to say something they wouldn’t say if they were face to face with me. Health coaching sessions are client led, which means that we talk about the things you want to talk about. I only ask questions for your learning and not because I want to judge you or diagnose you.

4. To find an easy solution.

Sometimes we have issues that are annoying but aren’t to our understanding life threatening. Even if you have a great doctor, you may feel that speaking to them about this issue will seem trivial. Personally I think any great doctor will welcome any visit from a concerned patient. However cost and convenience may also be an issue. When you discuss an issue with a health coach a lot of time the client will have an epiphany, either during or after the session. Other times they might remember when they had a similar problem and how they resolved it.

5. You already tried everything you’ve been told.

Getting healthy can be exhausting because even great health advice as I said doesn’t always work. You might be the very resourceful person as I think all of my clients are. You probably asked your doctor, your best friend and made lengthy excursions into the medical literature. You were determined to learn every vocabulary word and sought interventions which your financial situation allowed. You finally decide that you might try interventions that aren’t quite conventional. They still might not work for whatever reason. When I work with clients I can help you dig deeper by giving you space to feel, think and go further than you ever had imagined.

When I work with clients I can help you dig deeper by giving you space to feel, think and go further than you ever had imagined.

How you feel when the great health idea didn’t work for you.

Modern life is great. We are basically safe from many things that used to kill humans many thousands of years ago. However many of us are suffering from chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

One of the other benefits of modern life is that when we do feel bad there is often something you can do. Two things people often try are pharmaceuticals or other medical procedures. Other people know that you can find relief from many ailments by simply making a lifestyle choice change.

The point is to feel better and return to health. However things don’t always go perfectly as planned. And too often the health professional you are working with has hard time dealing with difficult emotions.

Here are the ways you may feel after failing to get better from a chronic disease:

1. Sad

Sadness is a straight forward feeling. Everyone knows what it feels like. Its dark and often helpless. Its based or coupled with fear that you might never feel better.

Often with feelings its great that somebody just acknowledges it. And that’s what I do.

2. impatient

Impatience is a feeling of something not happening fast enough. You might couple this with worry.

All feelings are valid. Its good to name a feeling every time we feel them. Its also good to find what human need they are tied to. Often my clients all share the same big need, “Health.”

3. fear

Fear can come to a client in some cases when things are going well in their health journey. It is not uncommon for client to try health regime which they never thought they would ever do. And when the change which they had doubts about suddenly makes them feel full of energy. It could be a lot to handle.

Feelings are often ways that our body tries to communicate to ourselves that something might be wrong. Imagine that, feeling better but then also scared if you could or should keep this up.

4. embarrassed

In every session I have with client I am often wondering, and sometimes I will ask, if they learned something new about themselves. And sometimes as we change we learn something new and possibly embarrassing.

Feeling embarrassed can often train our mind of something being wrong, However I rather point out that learning something new can be an opportunity for acting in a new manner which will lead you to success.

5. curious

If I do my job right my clients leave their coaching sessions curious. Curious is a feeling when all the sudden you notice a weakness in your knowledge. You wonder why you didn’t know this and whether this could lead to discovering more things that you were unaware of.

If curiosity, especially about health issues, comes up in a coaching session I always ask your permission to help you fill the holes. I don’t require you to listen to me. In fact I really hope you rather go out and learn it on your own.

6. concerned

When you feel concerned you might be thinking that something might or might not happen. Or maybe you unsure about something will turn out.

If you have high courage your level of concern might lower than your concern when you know you often get scared. Either way as a coach its my goal that you develop courage as you work with me. This way one day you might not need me anymore.

7. helpless

When you feel helpless this might be from having felt defeated. Its even worse when you have been defeated in a series. Needless to say the cure for this is a win.

In my practice, when my clients start to or before they feel helpless, I always try to find the little wins. Putting little wins together will lead to something big and I cant wait to see that.

I want you to feel better…

All feelings are valid and deserve to be talked about. Feelings tell us so much about ourselves. As a coach one of my greatest happy feelings come from knowing I help you know more about your own real feelings.

Creating your own inner peace protocol for health

I personally have tried every diet in the world, seemingly. And I have had overall a lot of success in attaining the goals I set out for myself. The purpose of this writing is to bring awareness that ultimately whether you read this book or that book about a great diet that ultimately the diet you do will be unique to you. In knowing this fact you should be aware that being kind to yourself is really your own choice and not that of the author of the diet. In this writing I encourage you to take into consideration 5 areas in which you should consider a little kindness to yourself. 

Its possible that thinking of any diet seems like nothing resembling an inner peace protocol to you. That might be because whenever you have undertaken a diet is because you were in a certain shock when you either stepped on the scale or the doctor showed you some lab value that pointed to unhealth in you. This probably caused you, in other words motivated you to grab the best book you could find that promised that your health would improve if you would follow the recommendations in it. In other words you are frantic and even though your often very calculated and thoughtful about decisions in your life in this case you feel a bit desperate. Is it a good feeling to have to change your life, because you didn’t mean to be in the unhealthy position you find yourself in? Probably not. 

How you eventually execute a diet probably depends on two situations occurring in you. In one situation you read (entirely) a good, well written book on diet explains things so well that it kind of calms your fears. In another situation you read some of the book until you begin to trust the author and then you skip to the end where the diet steps explained so you can start the diet. The result of either situation is that you aren’t as frantic and able to make clearer choices. Sometimes you chose the easier path. Sometimes you chose the convenient path. And possibly sometimes you chose the hardest path. The point is you chose your path. It could be said that the key to a successful health intervention is action, just doing it. I’m not here to counter this claim. I’m here to point out that you always have a choices and you will always be making a choice. 

You might be thinking that in a scientific or medical perspective being nice might not always be an option. Of course this is true. If you are in an emergency situation and the doctor needs to perform surgery then you could say, ‘whats the nice way to cut you open.’ When you started that diet it may have felt like a situation of life and death. But was it? 

Here are 5 areas to consider so that kindness is not left out of your next healthy intervention:

Community: You may or may not be doing a diet with other people. Its not always possible to have the same diet as your best friend or even the people you live with. It would be a great thing if you had that luxury. But when you don’t have that luxury its important not to lose or diminish the cherished relationships that you have. A choice in this category would in some way make keeping and cherishing community around you.

Your spiritual or deep inner feelings: The diet you may be starting may be recommended by science (i.e. your doctor) however somehow even-though your diet may save your life the diet may also contradict something deep inside you. You may need to make a decision about whether you will modify or stay on course. 

Body Discomfort (body reaction): Whenever you change your diet you may start to notice things change and the changes aren’t always pleasant. For example you may experience pain, or headaches or overall discomfort. This may or may not be a direct or expected reaction to a diet, after all you are unique. You may need to take a break from a diet if the discomfort is to great or you may need to experiment until you are able to suss out the cause and eliminate the cause of your discomfort. 

Lifestyle Clashes: A particular health intervention may totally disrupt your lifestyle. All of us strive to find happiness any way we can. Unique things make us happy. You may need to ask yourself if your health can withstand keeping up your lifestyle that may be causing you harm. Or you may need to seek a totally different alternative that will also benefit your health but not disrupt your lifestyle.

Temporal: Your ability to make a big change or investment right now may not be possible. You may have decided that all the changes that have been suggested of you would really benefit you. However it may not be the right time to change for a variety or reasons. You may need to make a choice to either put the change off for a time period. Another option might be to make certain changes now and make other ones at a later time. 

I hope this article cuts into the notion that only hardcore people are successful in dieting. Kind people, the good guy if you will, also can win. Please remember that your always in control. If you are a client of mine I will always be asking you questions that will make you think deeply. I always hope that you make the kindest decisions for yourself and no one else.

Post Podcast Apearance

Hello everyone, I just want to apologize for not following up on my podcast appearance. The appearance did occur and the link to the show can be found here: https://linktr.ee/healthcoach

For those that did listen to the podcast I just have a few words about my appearance. I should have mentioned to Albert that I had to find a quiet place in my house. So I hunkered down in my office. However once I got in there i realized that the street noise might be audible. So I decided to sit in the middle of the flow cross legged. What I didn’t realize was that it could result in a strange breathing pattern and so in my opinion I sound weird. However thanks to my funny and gracious hosts I was still able to open up and get my message out.

One controversial issue that we spoke about centered around covid but mainly had to do with sports. They asked me about my thoughts about the Dodger player that played even though he had tested positive for Covid. My comments about this are my true thoughts. However I wanted to make clear that I do have empathy for those people that may have been infected with Covid by this players actions. Players too often sacrifice health of themselves and others, and this has happened from the beginning of time.

Later in the show I was able to brag about my Grandpa Simon getting to 100 years old. This is something people too often dismiss becuase they have negative images of old age. To be honest with so many people in nursing homes dying today, it makes a bigger case for not living that old. For myself even my grandpa could be a little healthier but from talking to him I can confirm that his mind works great and he is happy to be his age. The reason that I strive to live to this age and beyond is because I know that in hunter gatherer societies people lived to 70 years old plus and in very good health. My hypothesis is that I keep my health at top notch up to at least 70 years old. After that of course I would continue to work out and eat healthy but I would also at that point begin to need medical interventions like joint surgeries, eye glasses and dental implants. This mean I would be able to continue to feel like a young 70 years old eventhough I will actually be 100.

I was also able to mention the Meetup group that I have on Meetup.com. The group has since changed names to, Adapt 6 week Weight loss ( with food sensitivity support). The focus of the group has changed from cooking advice to overall health advice leading to weight loss. I still plan to make grain free tamales, and I do hope to record it, however the recording will much less detailed.

Finally I want to reinterate how greatful I am to have had the opportunity to appear in this great podcast with 2 great hosts. They did invite me to appear on their Christmas show and I do intend to do that.

Podcast Appearance

Hello Everyone this post is to announce that I have been invited to appear on the Drinks to words by Podcast. This podcast is co hosted by my good friend Albert Ruvira. Albert and I have been friends for 25 years. We first met in football practice when we both played at Bassett Higb School in La Puente, CA. Although he an I have not kept in touch for about 15 years I know Albert is a great guy and a Patriot who served in our military. I dont know exactly what to expect. This will be my first public speaking experience as a proffessional Health Coach. I hope every one enjoys the show. Here is a link to the podcast page. https://www.drinkstowordsby.com/

Which mindset should you have in order to reach your health goals?

In order to answer that question I direct you to my about page where I state that I used an experimental mindset in order to figure out my biology and then lost 100 lbs in a year. Today I would like to come clean by saying that experimental mindset is not the wording that I prefer becuase in our society this “catch phrase” has a specific meaning to a lot of people.

If you ever listened to the Tim Ferris podcast he mentions the phrase experimental mindset to decribe himself and his audience. He is refering to the fact that his audience likes to try things.

The way I meant the term is I actually conducted experiments on differnt aspects of my health. Are you picturing beakers, a bunsen burner and maybe some lab mice..? Well thats not what I mean either. What I mean is that I tried very hard to make sure that when an experiment either worked or failed that I knew exactly what the reason was.

Lets pretend a person decides to try a remedy or protocol for helping him/her sleep and it worked or didnt work. That person should try the remedy or protocol for enough days, noting how many days the remedy or protocol was followed correctly. Also that person should make sure to rule out other things that they may have done that could have affected the results.

Having this new found knowledge is great but the number one rule in science is that nothing, absolutly nothing is so sacred that it cant be torn to pieces. What I mean by this is you shouldnt be surprised that you need to make adjustments or complete deletions in the future. As an example in the previous pretend situation. The person may have found out that it was actually an environmental factor that was affecting sleep and the remedy or protocol is no longer needed.

In conclusion, yes I had an experiemental mindset but more importantly I took the experiments that I did on myself seriously.

2 ways to be your own fit bit or oura ring.

The reason for this post is there has been a rise in the use of quantified self gadgets. They allow you to track your fitness or health on a continuous basis. The benefits of the gadgets as far as I can see is that its an easy way to see progress as you are trying to reach a goal. So as you see the positive numbers and you as you begin the physical manifestation of your hard work in your body this will encourage you to keep the change in lifestyle forever. This is great and I really like this. But to be honest I rather not spend the money personally. Instead I like to these 2 things.

1. Mind-body check ins when your by yourself

Of course no one like to admit that they spend a lot of time alone. The reality is that in our society we spend a lot of time alone. We are alone because your doing something private. We are alone because we need to drive to work. Sometimes we do our job in groups and sometimes our job requires us to work in quiet. The point is that when you are alone this can provide you a little time to to do a mind-body check in.

Mind body check-ins are things you to do that provide you information about how your mind and body are working. Here are 3 examples of ways you can do a mind-body check in.

3 examples of Mind Body Check-ins to do by yourself.

  1. Work out: This one probably seems pretty straight forward. But I want to stress that you need to make sure you pay attention to the information that your body is telling you. This something you should be able to do no matter what type of exercise. However if you feel that your particular exercise is too intense, especially if your used to working out in groups then you should take a look at my next suggestion. 
  2. Movement snack: this is similar to a work out but its just a smaller but equally nutritious  portion of a workout. One way to do this is to practice your golf swing. As you practice instead of thinking about the trajectory of an imaginary ball. Think about whether your body is responding to the stimulus. Do you notice any weakness? Do your muscles feel fatigued? How does this make you feel? What can you do next? 
  3. Meditation: meditation is more of a mental check in. As an aside meditation work better after a body check in so you can combine it with any of my other suggestions. Meditations can be done in any increment, from 2 minutes, 20 minutes and even to hours. However I would like to stress that meditation can appear in many forms. Here are 3 forms of meditation that you may not have heard of. 
    1. Body Scan meditation: This can be done when you notice that your mind is racing. I do this what I cant sleep. It calms the mind and if you find that you need to do this often that it may be a sign that your life is pretty full, so much that its affecting your sleep.
    2. Breathing exercises: This can be done while driving or doing any other activity where you would be concerned that your mind and body were fully checked in for safety.

2. Mind-body check ins when your with other people.

Mind-body check-ins with other people are more simple than the above. This might sound really intimate and it can be but t doesn’t really have to be. And your mind went there then I obviously don’t need to go over the intimate version of this. So for the purpose of this article I will discuss a type of check that you can do while you interact with anybody.

  1. Listening Fully
  2. Expressing yourself Fully.

Not only do you receive information about yourself from the other person as you interact with them but you should also should be connecting with yourself throughout the interaction. Although I can expand on this much further I think it would be great to hear what you have to say. 

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