Creating your own inner peace protocol for health

I personally have tried every diet in the world, seemingly. And I have had overall a lot of success in attaining the goals I set out for myself. The purpose of this writing is to bring awareness that ultimately whether you read this book or that book about a great diet that ultimately the diet you do will be unique to you. In knowing this fact you should be aware that being kind to yourself is really your own choice and not that of the author of the diet. In this writing I encourage you to take into consideration 5 areas in which you should consider a little kindness to yourself. 

Its possible that thinking of any diet seems like nothing resembling an inner peace protocol to you. That might be because whenever you have undertaken a diet is because you were in a certain shock when you either stepped on the scale or the doctor showed you some lab value that pointed to unhealth in you. This probably caused you, in other words motivated you to grab the best book you could find that promised that your health would improve if you would follow the recommendations in it. In other words you are frantic and even though your often very calculated and thoughtful about decisions in your life in this case you feel a bit desperate. Is it a good feeling to have to change your life, because you didn’t mean to be in the unhealthy position you find yourself in? Probably not. 

How you eventually execute a diet probably depends on two situations occurring in you. In one situation you read (entirely) a good, well written book on diet explains things so well that it kind of calms your fears. In another situation you read some of the book until you begin to trust the author and then you skip to the end where the diet steps explained so you can start the diet. The result of either situation is that you aren’t as frantic and able to make clearer choices. Sometimes you chose the easier path. Sometimes you chose the convenient path. And possibly sometimes you chose the hardest path. The point is you chose your path. It could be said that the key to a successful health intervention is action, just doing it. I’m not here to counter this claim. I’m here to point out that you always have a choices and you will always be making a choice. 

You might be thinking that in a scientific or medical perspective being nice might not always be an option. Of course this is true. If you are in an emergency situation and the doctor needs to perform surgery then you could say, ‘whats the nice way to cut you open.’ When you started that diet it may have felt like a situation of life and death. But was it? 

Here are 5 areas to consider so that kindness is not left out of your next healthy intervention:

Community: You may or may not be doing a diet with other people. Its not always possible to have the same diet as your best friend or even the people you live with. It would be a great thing if you had that luxury. But when you don’t have that luxury its important not to lose or diminish the cherished relationships that you have. A choice in this category would in some way make keeping and cherishing community around you.

Your spiritual or deep inner feelings: The diet you may be starting may be recommended by science (i.e. your doctor) however somehow even-though your diet may save your life the diet may also contradict something deep inside you. You may need to make a decision about whether you will modify or stay on course. 

Body Discomfort (body reaction): Whenever you change your diet you may start to notice things change and the changes aren’t always pleasant. For example you may experience pain, or headaches or overall discomfort. This may or may not be a direct or expected reaction to a diet, after all you are unique. You may need to take a break from a diet if the discomfort is to great or you may need to experiment until you are able to suss out the cause and eliminate the cause of your discomfort. 

Lifestyle Clashes: A particular health intervention may totally disrupt your lifestyle. All of us strive to find happiness any way we can. Unique things make us happy. You may need to ask yourself if your health can withstand keeping up your lifestyle that may be causing you harm. Or you may need to seek a totally different alternative that will also benefit your health but not disrupt your lifestyle.

Temporal: Your ability to make a big change or investment right now may not be possible. You may have decided that all the changes that have been suggested of you would really benefit you. However it may not be the right time to change for a variety or reasons. You may need to make a choice to either put the change off for a time period. Another option might be to make certain changes now and make other ones at a later time. 

I hope this article cuts into the notion that only hardcore people are successful in dieting. Kind people, the good guy if you will, also can win. Please remember that your always in control. If you are a client of mine I will always be asking you questions that will make you think deeply. I always hope that you make the kindest decisions for yourself and no one else.

Published by Joel Perez

Joel Perez, Health Coach and Author (wannabe), is a former environmental science laboratory tech and allied health professional. Joel has transformed his own life through an ancestral diet approach and is now eager to start transforming thousands of lives as a Health Coach.

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