Post Podcast Apearance

Hello everyone, I just want to apologize for not following up on my podcast appearance. The appearance did occur and the link to the show can be found here:

For those that did listen to the podcast I just have a few words about my appearance. I should have mentioned to Albert that I had to find a quiet place in my house. So I hunkered down in my office. However once I got in there i realized that the street noise might be audible. So I decided to sit in the middle of the flow cross legged. What I didn’t realize was that it could result in a strange breathing pattern and so in my opinion I sound weird. However thanks to my funny and gracious hosts I was still able to open up and get my message out.

One controversial issue that we spoke about centered around covid but mainly had to do with sports. They asked me about my thoughts about the Dodger player that played even though he had tested positive for Covid. My comments about this are my true thoughts. However I wanted to make clear that I do have empathy for those people that may have been infected with Covid by this players actions. Players too often sacrifice health of themselves and others, and this has happened from the beginning of time.

Later in the show I was able to brag about my Grandpa Simon getting to 100 years old. This is something people too often dismiss becuase they have negative images of old age. To be honest with so many people in nursing homes dying today, it makes a bigger case for not living that old. For myself even my grandpa could be a little healthier but from talking to him I can confirm that his mind works great and he is happy to be his age. The reason that I strive to live to this age and beyond is because I know that in hunter gatherer societies people lived to 70 years old plus and in very good health. My hypothesis is that I keep my health at top notch up to at least 70 years old. After that of course I would continue to work out and eat healthy but I would also at that point begin to need medical interventions like joint surgeries, eye glasses and dental implants. This mean I would be able to continue to feel like a young 70 years old eventhough I will actually be 100.

I was also able to mention the Meetup group that I have on The group has since changed names to, Adapt 6 week Weight loss ( with food sensitivity support). The focus of the group has changed from cooking advice to overall health advice leading to weight loss. I still plan to make grain free tamales, and I do hope to record it, however the recording will much less detailed.

Finally I want to reinterate how greatful I am to have had the opportunity to appear in this great podcast with 2 great hosts. They did invite me to appear on their Christmas show and I do intend to do that.

Published by Joel Perez

Joel Perez, Health Coach and Author (wannabe), is a former environmental science laboratory tech and allied health professional. Joel has transformed his own life through an ancestral diet approach and is now eager to start transforming thousands of lives as a Health Coach.

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