Podcast Appearance

Hello Everyone this post is to announce that I have been invited to appear on the Drinks to words by Podcast. This podcast is co hosted by my good friend Albert Ruvira. Albert and I have been friends for 25 years. We first met in football practice when we both played at Bassett Higb School in La Puente, CA. Although he an I have not kept in touch for about 15 years I know Albert is a great guy and a Patriot who served in our military. I dont know exactly what to expect. This will be my first public speaking experience as a proffessional Health Coach. I hope every one enjoys the show. Here is a link to the podcast page. https://www.drinkstowordsby.com/

Published by Joel Perez

Joel Perez, Health Coach and Author (wannabe), is a former environmental science laboratory tech and allied health professional. Joel has transformed his own life through an ancestral diet approach and is now eager to start transforming thousands of lives as a Health Coach.

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