How to explain your current diet to other People. (Series Part 1)

Its difficult to make a diet change when its based on something your not used to thinking about. The diet can be reasonable like a Paleo diet. But when people start to question to you this could cause some anxiety.

This is troubling becuase you may have had trouble in the past with your health. This trouble might have been due to bad health advice. And now you might have come upon a solution that you thinkis right for you.

One question you may get if you choose to follow a Paleo or ancestral diet is that they question that we really know what they actually ate back then.

So how do we know what our ancestors ate? One way is that we can investigate the Carbon in the bones of people buried thousands of years ago. This image shows the differences in the way to major categories of plants do photosynthesis. By knowing this fact we can get an idea of the type of plants that our ancestors ate.

Published by Joel Perez

Joel Perez, Health Coach and Author (wannabe), is a former environmental science laboratory tech and allied health professional. Joel has transformed his own life through an ancestral diet approach and is now eager to start transforming thousands of lives as a Health Coach.

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